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taught by Canadian Champion Jason Heit

Welcome to Island MMA!

Island MMA is a true Mixed Martial Arts training facility. We offer training for not only elite fighters but for those that want to work hard and get the best workout there is! Island MMA offers a wide variety of classes that will appeal to all your training and fitness needs. Whether you want a calorie burning cardiovascular workout or an intense and technical fighter’s training session, Island MMA has the experience and education to help you reach your personal fitness and fighting goals for all levels and ages. Our instructors are all professional fighters and bring years of training experience to provide you with the best preparation, direction and drills possible. All classes are structured and taught in a safe environment and sparring is available after class and during open gym time for those competing and wanting to challenge themselves. In partnership with Peterec’s Martial Arts Center, we offer a full range of Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA, Grappling, Krav Maga and Wrestling and both schools honor each others memberships. View our complete schedule of classes here.

Please arrive 10-15 mins prior to class to have time to dress, wrap your hands, stretch and warm up. If you find that a class doesn’t fit your schedule for the day you can come for open gym to work out or schedule a private lesson with a trainer at the time you want.

Open gym time is open to anyone with a full gym membership, or you may purchase a day pass. Island MMA has an ample supply of equipment that is available for the students to use. However it is recommended that you purchase your own equipment that is right for you, for example boxing gloves, shin guards, head gear, hand wraps, groin protector, ankle supports, mouth piece, etc.). In order to participate you must have a mouthpiece, groin protector, and hand wraps. Equipment is sold on site.

Clothing cannot have any metal buckles, zippers or buttons and jewelry is not permitted for everyones safety.


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