Sensei Peterec has wanted to own his own martial arts school since the age of 14. He is a well-experienced and knowledgable instructor. Stan “The Steamer” Peterec has an extensive background in competitve kickboxing and karate, earning several titles:

Canadian Super Welterweight Kickboxing Champion, 1986
WKA World Junior Middleweight Champion, 1987-88
Canadian Representative, World Savate Championships, 1989
WKA World Middleweight Karate Champion, 1994-95

Sensei Peterec has trained with a variety of instructors and competitors and brings this knowledge to his students. Sensei Peterec’s training includes:

Israeli Special Forces
Vladimir Vasilev – SPETZNAZ Russian Special Forces
Allied Special Forces
Jim Harrison – Navy SEAL Instructor
L.A.P.D. SWAT Team
Frank Shamrock – UFC Champion
Maurice Smith – Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion
Tony Blauer – Military Tactics Expert
Oleg Taktarov – Russian Sambo Champion
Bill “Superfoot” Wallace
Benny “The Jet” Urquidez
Donny Lalonde – World Lightweight Boxing Champion