Derek’s athletic career began over 15 years ago but not as a martial artist. He began his athletic career on the football fields of southern Ontario, winning many awards including Rookie of the Year, League MVP and breaking numerous rushing records at Wilfred Laurier University. The football field is where Derek honed such skills as balance, speed, power, work ethic and most importantly the “will to win”…all of which would cross over perfectly to his future obsession, Mixed Martial Arts. Derek’s football career culminated in a tryout for the Toronto Argonauts in 2003, after suffering a torn hamstring he was released by the Argos. A year later Derek moved to Victoria and met Jason Heit who had recently opened a MMA school, Derek would become one of Jason’s first students.

Derek immediately took a liking to MMA and found the transition very easy. With the guidance of Jason Heit Derek quickly picked up the necessary skills to compete and win at the amature level. In 2009 Derek decided it was time to take the next step and test his skills at the Pro level. Derek signed with Armageddon Fighting Championship in Victoria and since doing so has remained undefeated in his Professional career.

With over 6 years of MMA training Derek has accumulated many awards.

– 2007 Canadian Tough Guy champion
– 2008 Submission Series (advanced) gold medalist
– 2009 Tiger Balm Pankration gold medalist
– Professional MMA record 7-0
– Current AFC Fighter