Island MMA’s instructors have two things in common: experience in their arts and a desire to get the best out of their students. Island MMA follows a philosophy of creating a safe and respectful environment where students of all levels can reach their potential.


Jason Heit

Founder of Island MMA. Jason is a former Canadian Light Heavyweight boxing champion and competitive MMA fighter. Read more about Jason

Stan Peterec

Stan has held national and world kickboxing and Karate titles and has trained thousands of students in different disciplines. Read more about Stan

Derek Medler

Former football player and now professional MMA fighter – Derek combines a knowledge of athletic performance with great teaching skills. Read More about Derek

Mike Downey

Mike is a Canadian kickboxing champion and international competitor, competing throughout Thailand and China. Read more about Mike

Lindsay Ball

Lindsay is the WPMF World Featherweight Champion. Read more about Lindsay